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Online Testing – Is it Right For Your Online Business

Online testing is a method that allows you to track your advertisements and find out whether or not they are working. This allows you to stop wasting money on advertising where it is not working. You can also find out what part of your marketing plan is working.

Five Questions to Ask Before Doing Online Testing

Here are five questions you should ask before you do your testing to ensure that you find out what is working in your niche.

1. Will this cost more money than it is making for me?

You need to figure out whether it will cost you more money to run the testing. If it will cost you more than $1 per visitor, it may be worthwhile just to put the money towards a pay per click campaign rather than spending it on testing.

2. How can I get my customers involved?

Test your ads by emailing your customers with the questions that you will be asking them and asking them to fill out on a survey. This will give you a better idea of exactly what they want from your site so that you can continue to improve on it, and you will also be contacting people directly.

3. How can I track my traffic sources?

Make sure that you can track your traffic sources, and you will also want to make sure that you can easily figure out how the visitors you are getting through advertising are being generated.

4. Can I track my visitors before these test ads?

You will have to track your traffic sources by making sure that you are getting people directly from your opt-in or purchase pages, and if you do not have these options, you will have no way to track people who are coming from your home page or Yahoo’s free search engine listings.

5. Is everyone going to participate?

Make sure that your product works for everyone, and that some people do not participate in your testing. This is what makes it hard to promote. When you want to promote something, you have to do it all for everyone, all the time, to make sure that it works properly for everyone.

Testing is an important part of having a successful online business. If you are going to make even a small fortune through email marketing, you will need to do your testing.

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