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How to Setup Your Internet Marketing Funnel

Internet marketing is a challenging business. It is an industry where people with ideas and products battle it out to succeed. There’s a lot of competition, as lots of new products enter the market every day. As a result, you have to work extremely hard to stay ahead of the rest.

Market research

The first thing you have to do is a bit of market research. This defines those rule-breaking tactics used by whichever company you have that can help you sell your products. This is not your direct competition, so unless they have an offer that focuses on the same niche as you, you need to set yourself apart. It’s highly important before you can do that, you do your homework.

The number one thing you then need to do is find a name for your products. Unless this is a domain name, site, or sub-pages, it’s usually just the title of the product or the name of the author. Many marketers have found that giving people a general idea of the niche of your products solves that problem.

Keyword research

Once you have that you have your catchy title and domain name you then need to do some keyword research. This means going to Google’s Keyword tool and entering a search term related to what you are promoting or advertising. This is not the correct way to do it as I often hear, but a lot of savvy internet marketers do it this way. This is always the best way to find your target audience. You need to find keywords that you would like to rank for but that will yield no more than.50 searches per day.

Gain traffic

The next step is to find a way to get more web site traffic. Not all traffic will do, but you need to focus on what you are good at. So to do that you need to write articles. This can be difficult for some people to write articles regularly on their sites, or blogs. They tend to get in over the top with the keywords in the article title. This will make it not only more difficult for people to click on your listing, but it will also drive your rankings way lower, listing you like a far second to your competition. But as long as you are writing, if you’re setting up a site or marketing in a niche, you will be generating some traffic from that.

Use a title

When you set up your website, use a great title. Then you use your signature to keep in line with what your keywords are. This will drive relevant customers to your site without additional advertising! Don’t forget to social bookmark your articles and site or blog. This is a method to get your items seen and read as it is spread around the web worldwide.

Submit free reports to various sites and online message boards. In your signature label yourself as your platform for promoting a product. Then you could build your email list, and you should. This is free as well, but this requires you to have a lot of contacts and offer to of your filters.

Finally, you’ll need to utilize free cost and low-cost advertising methods. Do not pay for any type of advertising until you are making several thousands of dollars, with funding from paid ads. Then you can go “Paid advertising” once you’re making enough of them to make it worth your while.

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