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How to Clean Signatures

If you have been browsing the Internet for very long, you will have noticed that there are numerous differences – or colors – between web sites. From the type of font for the adverts to the design of the web content, the layout of the web site is distinctly different from most other type-sites you look at. It isn’t surprising then when you finish surfing around looking at others’ web sites, you can be easily distracted by various things – one of which is specially-designed signature lines. Most websites automatically generate a standard signature of the visiting site, and read as “For further information please visit…”

The Internet cannot control what’s on everyone’s mind – the phone, television, newspapers, the mind, your car or your room – even when you generally think you’ve got the one needing to be fixed, you are far from the truth. The web site suits and understands your purpose. But with so many people being involved in the latest web site craze or taking advantage of the many new social networking sites available today, how does one get a ‘legitimate’ MySpace too? As with multiple forms of advertising, no matter how well a web site is, it’s only as good as its time-aped signatures. Time, time, time.

Your signature in MySpace is not only eye-catching, but it is also your signature – your calling card in your social network profile. This article sets out to clean up these:-

Signature mistakes that need fixing

What’s your gender! Not being able to find your gender may cause people to view you as ‘obviously’ male – or female – whichever they are. Try this as a creative headline for your profile – “size isn’t everything”, “I love daddy”, or “I am more than my weight”. Just make sure that the person is out of the frame, that they are not creating you a ‘personality’; and that the idea is to be you – not someone else.2. What’s your occupation/hobbies/passions/eliminate things you want to do/park/organize/outsource? Try some of these for former employees (customer service/tech support/customer support/etc) of your current work organization, business enterprises, and individuals.

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