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A Quick How-To Guide to Set Up a Congruent E-Mail Message for Your Transcription Business

If you own an E-mail business, then you may find the concept of differentiating “work” from “Friends” extremely confusing to deal with. However, here is a quick how-to guide to get you started in the correct direction.


If all you do is send e-mail messages that are related to your job description, it makes your message look spammy. Make sure that all of your e-mail messages contain information that you think is important. If you know who is reading your messages and the objective of your messages, you can make them succinct in your presentation.


If you are sending a message to your clients, make sure that your clients fully understand that when you’re responding to their requests or questions, you’ll be sending that message to them. You do not want to make them resolve a problem in the middle of reading the problem you are trying to solve, they’ll even better understand that you just referred the problem to them in the first place.

People like to read e-mail messages at a rate that suits them, so try to keep your messages between 3 to 5 per day and always put important information for your clients at the top. Try to include some jokes or quotes, it will not only help with the entertainment of your clients but will also be seen as a natural extra value to those who also receive that valuable information.

Punctuation and grammar

If you are going to include a lot of content to your E-mail messages, then you will most likely have some area of your layout in which there is text. If you are posting your messages in HTML, your text will be frequently comprised of HTML code. You will need to have a decent text editor such as Microsoft Word or TextEdit to justify all of the content you post to your clients.

Always use grammar and punctuation when composing your messages. When you include code in your messages you may not understand how other people will receive it. Do not include such content in your message consistency.


You will want your e-mail messages to be easy to access by the public. Most people use some kind of Web browser, so make sure you include a link to your homepage in all of your e-mail messages. This means that when you make a message live, you should manually do a test of your message, so it appears correctly to you.

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