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Can You Send Email Spam

The old cliche, A picture is worth 1,000 words. It applies to email marketing as well. If you take a letter to the word processor, it is a bunch of letters. Each box, word, punctuation, and capitalization, one letter, one word. Sometimes you have to draw a box to the right of the word, and through one of those words, you have to draw a box also. This is true of the Notepad too. You have to do the same thing with a box with text. But maybe you use Notepad and an email editor, and you don’t know that, and it is the headline at the end of the mail you send. But how can you send spam?

Do spam filters work

Unfortunately, Spam filters do not apply to everyone the same way. Some email providers have very good spam filters. Others, unfortunately (depending on the email provider), don’t.

Spam filters are often included in opt-in email programs via “double opt-in” characteristics. That is, when someone signs up to your email list, they are asked to enter their name and email address, and, after they have done that, they may opt-out. But when it comes to opt-in email, you want to make sure that it is double opt-in. Otherwise, you could be accused of spamming someone when someone doesn’t want you to contact them.

You can’t fool ’em-even right out of the box. Most email programs have anti-spam measures. They work by being the first one to find out that someone is sending unsolicited emails, and when they find out, they redirect the email through a spam filter. (Most common email program filters will identify a bad email as spam, and the email provider will then take it off their list.)

Unfortunately, if it isn’t double opt-in, someone will complain. Opt-in email providers are not processors, however, they process complaints from a list they maintain, and they will shut down a source of unsolicited emails. How does someone find out when an email list is no longer valid?

If your list is profitable and follows the double opt-in format, then when someone asks for another quit you could have a ghostwriter write a long, probably long, sales letter. But a quality piece of good sales material is enough to make the sales right? Unless, of course, it includes your list sign up the software in it. Or, more likely, you can include a similar sign-up option at the top of the sales letter, receiving opt-in sign-ups.

No matter what you do, if you have to tell your customer false, misleading email information, that will make you look like a spammer, and once you are labeled a spammer, you will NEVER make the sale. Squidoo lenses are good for example. But even that isn’t a license to send spam.

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